We are happy to have you join us!

We are happy that you are interested in becoming a member of  Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS)  We are proud to have members from around the world that guide the association with their in-depth skills across the board. The goal of the Lucee Association Switzerland is to promote, support, and advance its open-source project.

Whether you are interested in supporting the project because you rely on Lucee as part of your product stack, or you are interested in influencing the future direction of the project, we are happy to have you join us. 

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Member Benefits:

As a full member of the Lucee Association Switzerland ($599 USD/mo) you:

  • Help fund the development of Lucee
  • Help direct the future of CFML with Lucee
  • Can submit agenda items and get a vote at the general assembly
  • Can become part of the board of the Lucee Association Switzerland (when elected)
  • Gain full access to the Lucee Slack team, for internal LAS discussions.
  • You can use the brand "Lucee - Member" in all communication
  • You get listed on the www.lucee.org website as member with links to your company homepage.
  • You get listed on the Lucee website as professional service provider.
  • Each member company receives a 20% discount on one ticket to CFCamp

Contact us

With the form below you can get in contact with us and we will be in touch to answer questions and chat about membership:

The Lucee Server Project is supported by the Open Collective platform. Click the button below to become a Member. Then scroll down on the Open Collective page and choose your Membership level from the choices on the right.

Lucee Open Collective

Current members:

Toomba is the go-to expert for developing and realizing websites, webshops, and web applications. With our passionate team of 20 in-house experts, and over 18 years of online experience, we are guaranteed to deliver successful online platforms to our clients.

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Webapper is a cloud application engineering firm specializing in building, maintaining, troubleshooting and tuning/scaling complex Internet-based systems. We are especially well-known for having unparalleled experience with tuning and troubleshooting systems built upon ColdFusion/CFML platforms. In 2004, we created SeeFusion, the world's first tool for monitoring and troubleshooting ColdFusion-/CFML-based systems specifically. 

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Rasia develops modern, concept adapting and top performing tools and Web Applications for clients around the world using the latest web techniques as well as CFML and Java as the main programming languages. We offer consulting, training and support for Lucee and other CFML engines.

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InfoTrax provides critical, industry-specific IT systems that are needed to run a successful multi-level marketing company. We are the premier experts in multi-level marketing commission strategy and how the commission strategy intertwines with all other functions of the business.  All of our IT systems and business consulting services center around this expertise.

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We build beautiful, bespoke web solutions. We create strategies for succeeding online.

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Pixl8 is a Digital Technical & Creative agency that provides end-to-end web development services and consulting.We're the team behind PresideCMS an incredibly rapid enterprise level open source cms powered by ColdBox.

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MitrahSoft is a software development company for your ColdFusion Applications. We deliver a wide range of outsourcing services, product-engineering-services that includes custom application / software application development, maintenance using Lucee and other CFML engines. As well as, we provide support & consulting for front end technologies like reactjs, angularjs & hybrid mobile application development using Adobe PhoneGap / Apache Cordova.

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tecRacer is one of the leading AWS Partners in Northern Europe and provides Amazon Web Services Consulting, Trainings, Development and Managed Services. They develop enterprise applications and mobile device apps based on CFML and all modern languages like AngularJS, React, Java, NodeJS.

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CMD is a full-stack web consultancy focused on helping companies develop awesome applications. CMD helps you make the right choices on how to deploy resilient and secure services so that you can be sure to deliver results to your clients and customers.

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We embrace diversity, talent and performance, and provide staff and students with an extensive range of opportunities to develop intellectually, professionally and personally.


Massey is known for:


·Ground breaking research

·The applied nature of many of our teaching and research programmes

·Contribution to land-based industries

·Distinctive mix of campus-based, distance and international teaching

·Commitment to innovation

·Close links with the community

·An 80-year tradition of academic excellence


New Zealand itself is truly beautiful. New Zealand is renowned for its natural resources, its breath-taking scenery, its peacefulness, and the friendliness and hospitality of its people.


The country is conveniently close to Asia, Australia and the South Pacific and has a reputation for being a safe and relaxing environment to live in.


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