Lucee is a JVM language and runs on the JVM as a servlet. It will work with any servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat, Eclipse Jetty) or application server (e.g. JBoss AS, GlassFish).


Lucee is an open source project. No license is required to download and use the Lucee code.


The members of the Lucee Association Switzerland are responsible for steering the direction of the association. We are proud to have members from around the world that guide the association with their in-depth skills across the board. Being a member however is not a one-way street and there are many ways you can benefit from being a member.

Become a member

There are a variety of ways to get help - including free community-driven options and commercial options provided by the Lucee Association Switzerland member companies.

Community Support Options

Lucee Mailing List

Our Lucee mailing list has members from around the globe. Head over and say hello!


The Lucee documentation is a project not only of the Lucee Association Switzerland, but also of the Lucee community. Please feel free to contribute to the documentation, every page has at least one pencil edit icon or head over to the docs repo on Github and submit a pull request, with any information you think will be useful, even if it's just a few lines. Every Lucee user has something useful to add and all contributions are very welcome. Go to our Slack channel and find help or help others with CFML related questions.

Member Support Options

Become a member of the Lucee Association Switzerland and benefit from the support options that come with being a member such as direct slack access to developers and input into the direction of Lucee development.

Commercial Support Options

Support, service contracts, training & consulting

There is a great community behind Lucee, but if your project needs more, the Lucee Association Switzerland's member companies are here to help.

They offer a range of training, support packages and consultancy services to get your project on track and keep it there. Check our the consulting services!


Whether you need up-front consultancy about the best way to design your project, or ongoing support for your developers, they can help. Contact us so we can help you find the right support fit.