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As a non-profit, open-source project, Lucee Server could not exist without our members and supporters helping the Lucee project to grow and prosper. Being a supporter also means you are making sure that the project you rely on can continue and grow in the future.

We would love for you to be a part of our community! We welcome any contribution you can make to the project, from making a pull request, getting involved with the documentation, answering a question in the forum, blogging about something cool you did with Lucee or making a one off donation. Use your existing skills to advance Lucee, all help is very welcome and appreciated.

We Hope You Get Involved!

In addition to monetary contributions, there are many way to get involved with the Lucee project. We always need people to write articles, contribute to the code, help with documentation, and much more. If you have some extra time and a desire to help out, contact us.

Searching for more Lucee knowledge? Check out our community forum or the CFML Lucee Slack channel and find help or help other developers with CFML related questions.



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Without our supporters we
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Help the Lucee community

Lucee Supporters make a monthly contribution to help further the Lucee Server project. To ensure ongoing stability of the project, and for organisations or individuals who wish to support the future development and direction of Lucee, a number of options are available. As an individual or company, monthly subscription contributions are affered or one-time donations are also greatly appreciated!


Lucee Supporter Options

Become a supporter of the Lucee Association Switzerland and help us keep the development of Lucee on the forefront of the CFML language. Or become a full member and help drive the direction of Lucee.

Individual Supporters

Individual Supporters contribute
$9 USD per month

Corporate Supporters

Corporate Supporters contribute
$99 USD per month

Enterprise Supporters

Enterprise Supporters contribute
$299 USD per month


The Lucee Server Project is supported by the Open Collective platform. Click the button below to become a Supporter:

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