A primary aim of Lucee is to provide the functionality of CFML using less resources while providing better performance. The Lucee project encompasses "treat slowness as a bug" as a core development philosophy.

Many performance tests have shown Lucee to perform faster than other CFML engines. In addition to this, Lucee attempts to resolve many inconsistencies found in traditional CFML. These are either forced changes in behavior, or configurable options in the Lucee Administrator.

The Lucee team is always open to feedback and active at CFML community events, and is keen to remind people that Lucee is a community project.

The Organisation

The Lucee project is lead by the Lucee Association Switzerland, a non-profit Swiss association based on the Swiss Civil Code. Lucee is a growing project which is committed to the success of its community by delivering quality software and a nurturing and supportive environment for developers to get involved.


As a non-profit organisation Lucee relies on its members like the members also rely on Lucee. Lucee Association Switzerland Members are companies, not individuals. Each member company has one vote when voting decisions are made.

  • Members are eligible (and encouraged) to have representatives on the management board and help decide the direction of the Lucee Server project.
  • Members are also provided slack channel access to developers and other members.

If your company is interested in becoming a member of Lucee Association Switzerland, please contact us!

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Lucee provides a lot of functionality (tags and functions) to deal with all kinds of web related actions. Manipulating images, PDF files, XML, string, numbers, dates and a lot more.

You name it, Lucee does it for you!


Web services

Lucee has built-in support not only to call existing web services, it can also generate web services for you in the most simple way. Lucee supports 3 types of web services:

  • RESTful Web services
  • WDDX/Soap Web services
  • HTTP (Simple HTTP interface, similar to RESTful but simpler to use)

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Lucee has built-in support for the ORM Framework Hibernate, you can interact with Hibernate in the most simple way, no complex configuration necessary: Lucee takes care of it.

Learn more about ORM Framework »



Lucee has built-in support for different caching mechanisms (infinispan, ehcache, memcached ...) that can be easily extended. These cache implementations can not only used explicitly in your application, they can also be used to cache database results, function calls, HTTP calls, to store sessions, and as backbone for the RAM Resource with a simple configuration.

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Virtual Filesystems

Lucee supports multiple virtual filesystems. These virtual filesystems allows one to handle all kind of resources (zip, HTTP, FTP, S3, RAM...) the same way as the local filesystem.

Learn more about Virtual Filesystems »

As a non-profit, open-source project, Lucee Server could not exist without our members and supporters helping the Lucee project to grow and prosper. Being a supporter also means you are making sure that the project you rely on can continue and grow in the future.

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